PSP Half Byte Loader for 6.30 & 6.31 released & Exploit game named!

As planned, Mamosuke and J416 have released their port of Wololo’s Half-Byte Loader for official firmware 6.30 and 6.31. They have also posted the name of the game which the exploit requires, which is: Minna no golf (JPN).The English titles (Thanks Wololo for this info) Don’t buy anything just yet till its confirmed the exploit works on the version! Your safest bet is only the Japanese version of the game.
Minna no golf portable (JP UMD): Exploitable, runs HBL (J416’s port)
Minna no golf portable 2 (JP UMD): Exploitable, Hello World by Mamosuke
Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (US UMD): Exploitable, Hello World by wololo
Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 (US UMD): probably exploitable
Everybody’s golf (EU UMD): probably exploitable
Eveybody’s golf 2 (EU UMD): probably exploitable
PSN Versions of all the above: probably exploitable, untested.
Only the Japnese UMD is 100% confirmed as working. We don’t know at this stage if the PSN version works. Try it and let us know? Undoubtedly Sony will pull it off PSN any moment now, so I suggest you get it asap if your PSP GO owner on 6.3x, ONLY once its confirmed working. Since go owners won’t have access to the UMD version of course….
Sit back and watch too as Amazon and Ebay prices of the Minna no golf UMD and Hot shots golf will rise to stupid levels. If your not dying to to get hold some homebrew I suggest you wait for the prices to ease off.
Installation is easy use the eLoadear folder and exploited save game data file included.

Download Here

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