More Itunes Accounts getting Hacked

It appears that iTunes accounts are still being compromised, though it isn't certain if hackers are brute forcing or phishing passwords out of users. Today's incident involves PayPal who has swooped into the action as hackers are using iTunes to deplete users' bank accounts.

According to a report by TechCrunch, one user's account was charged $4,700 after receiving close to 50 $99.99 iTunes charges via PayPal. Luckily for this user, he got PayPal to stop the funds transfer but others, like the Twitter user below, aren't so lucky.

iTunes users are ranting their disgust and hacking concerns across the Social 2.0 space and here are some quotes from Facebook:

Everybody watch your itunes account closely. I just got hacked for almost $1000.00 worth of software, videos and music. Hopefully paypal will refund it all. . . . This happened within the last few hours. Once transaction after another.

So apple/itunes had a security breach & someone bought over $500 worth of music through my paypal account. just what i wanted 2 b dealing w/ while in San Diego! AWESOME!!!

The issue seems to reside in iTunes with PayPal being the hackers money-stealing gateway. Until this is officially resolved it might be a good idea to remove all forms of payment from your iTunes account.

These types of 'hacks' usually come down to phishing sites getting your login information from a third party.

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