Hello World running on PSP Firmware 6.31. Exploit not patched yet

Sony’s recent PSP Firmware 6.31 didn’t patch the save game user exploit of Mamosukes, and to prove so he has posted a new video. Again its a Hello World run via a secret Japanese game that has a loop-hole that Sony themselves still aren’t aware of. So there is still hope for users on Firmware 6.31 to one day run Half Byte loader and homebew goodness. Mamosuke is also attempting to port Half Byte Loader over to 6.30 & 6.31.
The title of the game is under wraps as to give PSP Go users a chance to get it of PSN before its patch. That is if the name of the PSN game is released. Maybe if and when Sony finally patch it?
Great work Mamosuke!!!

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