PSJailbreak sold out. No Comment from Sony

The PlayStation mod known as 'PSJailbreak' has apparently seen so much demand that it has sold out.

Shoppsjailbreak (which operates out of the USA) has announced that it has run out of the USB hacking tool, which allows PS3 owners to copy games to the hard drive play the backup games.

The site posted this message earlier today:

***NEWS UPDATE: We are sorry to say that we are currently not accepting sales online for the PS Jailbreak as we are currently out of stock.
We have been informed by ********** that our next shipment of PS Jailbreaks is going to arrive on Monday August 23rd 2010.
Until then, we are only accepting reservations so we can guarantee that we will put a PS Jailbreak aside for you as soon as they come in on Monday, you will then be contacted on Tuesday and asked to place your order online at ***********
In order to get a reservation simply email us at ********
ALL customers who send an email to that address are going to be contacted on Monday when we receive stock, and are GUARANTEED a PS Jailbreak.

Obviously Sony won't be happy about the existence of a PS3 hack. There have been reports that the platform holder will be able to detect those using it.

So far, however, Sony has refused to comment on the matter.

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