PSP Launch SensMe on CFW 5.XX from the XMB Icon!

Ask, and ye shall receive — The Z delivers on this one… Launch SensMe from the SensMe XMB icon and not through Game -> Memory Stick. This mod differs slightly between custom firmware M33 and GEN. M33 users will launch SensMe channels from under the Music icon, while GEN users can find the SensMe icon under Extras.

Everything you need is packed into this archive, including Liquidzigong’s SensMe for CFW 5.xx. Copy “PSP/APP/NPIA00013″ to the same directory on your memory stick and copy “The Zs SensMe Mod” to PSP/GAME. Start it and you’ll be prompted with the above screenshot.

Not working? Using 5.50 GEN? Fake your region to “Korea” via the recovery console. It’s also recommended that you do not use this with a PSP-1000 (Fat) running 5.50 GEN. Not sure why, but if you have a Pandora battery you should be all right.

Use with extreme caution. The Z’s SensMe Mod installer writes to flash memory. Stay alert, stay safe.

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