Half Byte Loader for 6.30/6.31 Coming Soon

…Before the months end! That’s according to J416, who has successfully ported Half Byte Loader to official firmware 6.31 (and 6.30 too). J416 just needs a bit of time to polish her off and then HBL for 6.31 will be ready for its unveiling. Stay logged on for an exact release date, as well, the name of the exploitable game will be announced at the same time, within a week says J416.

We currently know this:

The game is available on UMD;
Whether or not the game is available on PSN, we don’t know;
There are JP, US, and EU versions of the game;
Only the JP version has been tested with this hack;
There’s a good chance the other versions are affected too.
Anyway, to keep things exciting we’re going to create our own game out of this… Guess the exploitable game (via the comments) and if you’re right — we’ll send you a Dashhacks t-shirt.

Props, J416. Much respect.

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