PSP Toy Wars Demo Version

Nickname: davidgf
Projet name: Toy Wars (demo beta version)
Platform: PSP Game (See psp models below)
Original enter: YES
Support Motion: NO
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10: NO

Project description:
Toy Wars is a game inspired in the SEGA Dreamcast game Toy Commander. The game is about some toys which fight for the control of the house. It takes place in various rooms.

How to use (CONTROLS):
Analog: Vehicle movement
X button: Main weapon shoot
O button: Secondary weapon shoot
Triangle button + horizontal arrows: Vehicle change (must be completely stopped)
Quare + arrows: Weapon change (horizontal secondary weapon, vertical primary weapon)
Arrows: Camera movement
Right trigger: Speed up
Left trigger: reverse gear
Left+right triggers: Hand brake
Start: Menu and pause.

Original music.
Custom ME engine processing which includes ogg vorbis decoding and streaming and custom mixing.
Custom mixer for 3D audio (noticiable using hearphones)
Easy scripting language for fast level creation and design.
Real time shadows (stencil shadows)
Real physics by Open Dynamic Engine (custom PSP port optimized by using VFPU)
Multiplatform (maybe a GC/Wii version will come next edition)
Internet connectivity (currently disabled) to sync profile and save records online.
Lots of vehicles (currently only a few are in the demo, there are also tanks, spacecrafts, etc.)
Easy installation (everything in one EBOOT.PBP) with compression.


I've been reported that PSP FATs doesn't show the menus properly, but allow to start the game (although you don't see what you select). This may be due to low memory of the PSP FAT. I'm trying to fix this, but it's difficult to fix. Hope you understand.


MD5SUM: ce667555bf670c34fe0daf28cf397b54
SHA1SUM: 23d1c549f49717c3266072ec0c247ee3d2cc1d9f

Hope you like it! If you consider necessary I can release a Linux/Win binary so you can test it more easily.
Can I change the download link if I found a bug until 20th? Thanks!

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