PSP Half Byte Loader Rev. 97 w/ wMenu 0.3

Once again it’s on — Wololo & Co. (m0skit0, ab5000, and n00b81) hit hard with Half Byte Loader Revision 97! You know what to do — grab that proprietary PSPgo USB cable and get updated. But if you’re a new reader and sporting a Pandora-proof PSP running firmware 6.20 or less — then you gotta do this first:

Copy the Patapon 2 Demo to PSP/GAME; Pack PSP/GAME full of homebrew too.
Copy Half Byte Loader’s “hbl” directory and “h.bin” file to the PSP root.
Copy UCUS98732_DATA02 (Patapon 2 SAVEDATA) to PSP/SAVEDATA.
Load the demo, load the hacked save, load your homebrew.

Remember: Do not report bugs for this particular version of HBL. If you want to help out, visit the source, download the dev build, and report bugs at

Half Byte Loader R97:

A graphical glitch has been fixed. Because of that, Homebrews such as PSP Rhythm were technically unplayable. Others such as FCEUltra or Doom had minor graphical issues because of this.
Added a shortcut to quit homebrews that don’t have an “exit” button. Yes, the “home” button is still broken, but now you can exit most games by pressing select+start for a few seconds. (Note that some homebrews such as gpsp still crash upon exiting, this is unrelated). The “select+start” combination can be changed in the hbl config file, or even customized for each homebrew (as usual, by putting a hbl_config.txt file in the homebrew’s folder).
The distrib version now ships with wMenu 0.3, which allows you to navigate in subfolders, so you can now split your homebrews in several folders if you use wMenu.
Other minor bugs were fixed, which shouldn’t make any visible difference (check the changelog included for details)

Download Here

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