How to Get CFW 5.00 TZS-6 on PSP

FOR PSP PHAT/SLIM without a V3 Motherboard.
DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS ON 3000/GO. It will cause a Brick.
Ensure you’re running 5.00 M33-6 first. If not, skip this entirely.
Copy “5.00 TZS-6 Easy Installer” to PSP/GAME on your memory stick.
Create a “kd620″ directory in the root of your memory stick.
In the seplugins directory, remove psnlover.prx & m33_620.prx, and their entries in vsh.txt and game.txt.
Launch the easy installer and follow the on-screen instructions.
After a successful install, enter the recovery console and set:
Configuration -> Fake region -> Korea
Configuration -> Use version.txt -> Enabled
Boot back to the XMB and try it out.

Download Here

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