PSP TempAR v1.1

The reason for this mod is because I wanted a way to test PSPAR codes on CFW, for me it was easier just to implement the PSPAR code types into an existing cheat device rather then try and patch the PSPAR EBOOT to run on CFW so that is exactly what I have done.

Unlike the official PSPAR cheat device a more simple code file format is utilized for loading codes, the format is much like the CWCheat cheat database format but instead of code lines being preceeded with "_L " they are preceeded with "_M ".

I also got bored and decided to implement the CWCheat code types so hopefully most CWCheat codes should work with this cheat device.

Installation Instructions:
Copy the seplugins folder to your Memory Stick (if not copying over game.txt and pops.txt be sure to manually add those lines to the files on the MS).

In-Game Controls:
Show cheat menu: Press home twice followed by VOLUP+VOLDOWN).
Enable Cheat Engine: Press Note.
Screenshot: Press SELECT+VOLDOWN.


[+] Added POPS and homebrew support, thanks to Davee for information on getting the Game ID without the need for the daunting task of parsing the PARAM.SFO. Please note that homebrew PARAM.SFO files need to be patched so the Game ID isn’t the same for all homebrew. Also keep in mind that CWCheat POPS files are not compatible. The codes need to be in either PSPAR or CWCheat PSP format.
[+] Settings can now be saved so there is no need to re-configure on each load!
[+] Added support for loading from different cheat.db files.
[+] Added PC NitePR to PSPAR code converter.
[+] Added comment mode paramater to the PSPAR bin converter. Use 0 to prepend all comments with a # or 1 to prepend folders with _C1 and comments with _C2.
[+] Codes which have no code lines are highlighted and have no Y/N before their name. This is to allow for in-game comments.
[!] Fixed problem loading the colours from a file.
[!] Fixed screenshot option, forgot to set the option in the makefile, whoops.
[!] Fixed the 0xD1 PSPAR code type.
[?] Offset is only added to PSPAR conditional codes if the address used is 0.
[?] Added an aditional check to CWCheat pointer codes to help prevent a crash with bad codes and uninitialized pointers.
[?] Cheat device is now known as “TempAR”. “Temp” because GBAtemp is my online home and “AR” because it supports “AR” codes. To further expand on this the Temp is what CW is to CWCheat and AR I guess is what PR is to NitePR. Plus it can be pronounced temper woot! (thanks to xist for the suggestion).

Download here

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