X3Max: Hacked PS3 Firmware 3.50 Fake or Real? Find Out Sunday

Here's the good news, Logic-Sunrise recently contacted X3Max, and was told an announcement, will be made by the team this Sunday, with more information. I also contacted X3Max, and received a similar response, that news would be coming shortly in the days ahead.

Finally, third party sellers of the X3Max dongle are reporting a new version of the chip is coming out very soon. OoZic of PS3Hax, recently contacted Teensy.co.uk regarding the X3Max dongle. The response he received was surprising. Teensy.co.uk claims a new 2GB version of the X3Max is coming out very soon. This dongle most likely will be the same version to include the 3.50 exploit.

Negative comments:

All the component files. PUP should be signed, the implementation of a modification of these files is impossible without a signature even with the hmac key so it is currently impossible to create a custom firmware.
3.50 for the jailbreak with x3max, I cry at fake.

I agree with Xorloser about the jailbreak was 3.50. Or it is stolen tools was Sony, it is a fake.

and Mathieulh:
I think the video was made with a PS3 debug in 3.50, to boost sales of their dongle. Without real evidence, I do not believe it.

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