PS3 DeSmuMe: Nintendo DS Emulator

The anonymous coder who brought you a PS1 and GenesisPlus GX emulator, is now working on a Nintendo DS emulator for the PS3. The emulator is still early in development, currently in the Alpha stage. However, after one night's work, he has made significant progress. The emu currently runs 2d games at approximately 50 FPS, but currently lacks sound. Currently there is no release, he wants to improve the emulator before a public release is made.

Anonymous , the now famous developer who recently completed emulators PlayStation 1 and Sega Megadrive on PlayStation 3 is back with a new emulator. After a night's work, he offered us an exclusive alpha version of its emulator Nintendo DS based on DeSmuME.

The emulator is currently in testing phase but you can play 2D games like Yoshi's Island with good fluidity. Anonymous is working on compatibility and accelerate 3D games as well as the inclusion of sound. It will also add a pointer to use the tactile features games, knowing that for now the L3 button enables a pressure on the screen, which is quite useful when a game requires to support it. Backups are functional and a menu selection ROMs opens when the pressure on the R3 button to switch the game without having to restart the emulator.

Anonymous wants to improve his first emulator before distributing it. You do not find on the internet yet. If you want to help financially so he could buy a PlayStation 3 debug to develop more easily, address paypal is: Here are some pictures of the emulator in action, we will keep you informed of progress of its work during the day.

[via: PSgroove]

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