PSP CWCheat 0.2.3 for 6.20 TN-A

How to install and run CWCheat:
If you haven’t already make an “seplugins” folder in the root of your memory stick (ms0:/),
In the folder seplug-in’s, create a new folder called “cwcheat”
Place the extracted cwceat prx file from the downloaded archive and move it to the “cwcheat” folder
Still in the “seplugins” folder make 2 text files. One game.txt and the another game150.txt
Now in these two text files copy and paste either:
“ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/cwcheat.prx 1″ for PSP-2000′s and PSP-3000′s (Without the quotes) or
“ef0:/seplugins/cwcheat/cwcheat.prx 1″ for PSP GO users using the 16GB internal storage.
Download the latest CWCheat DB file below and move these extracted files to the cwcheat folder
You can then run 6.20 HEN or restart the VSH if your already running 6.20 TN HEN
The CWCheat menu is then opened in-game by holding select for more than 3 seconds

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