PSP Daedalus Alpha REV 631

Revision 631
[~] Rewrote kernelbuttons lib using a different assumption (works now in newer firmwares)
[~] Small change to allow Daedalus to work under Hen
Revision 630
[+]Cleaned-up RSH_HLE and reduced logic (Cleaner code an small speed-up)
Revision 629
[!] DOOM64 should render lightmaps + textures correctly now
[!] Zoom has 150% (GE 007 using in game option WIDE screen and PSP scaled 4:3 needs 135%)
Revision 628
[!] Fixed and enabled osRestoreInt (moderate speed up, Doom64 is about 15%+ faster)
[~] Commented out unused code in TLB.cpp
Revision 627
[~] Fixed compiling issue
Revision 626
[!] Updated and enabled osSpTaskLoad
[!] Added a workaround to allow Killer Instinct to work with OSHLE
[~] Removed GoldenEye scissor hack, zoom works alot better (make sure to set it to 120%)
[~] Simplified osSpDeviceBusy
[!] Made debug only an assert that shouldn't be exposed in release

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