Half Byte Loader R109 for Minna no Sukkiri Demo

Jeerum has released a user-mode exploit for the demo of Minna no Sukkiri. And with said exploit comes another HBL port by Some1 and JJS. Together, the exploit and HBL are working on PSP firmware 6.35, which in itself is good news because you’re no longer reliant on whatever version of Hot Shots Golf, not to mention the Hot Shots Golf exploit was patched in 6.35. However, with Jeerum’s release comes a little scene drama.

Let me quote Wololo:

I had written a long explanation on how stupid this leak release was, but then realized that such drama is mostly useless. Let’s just say that Sony will patch both the Hen and this exploit in their next firmware, while everybody already knew that TN had been working on “something” on 6.35 involving a VSH exploit. Well, at least he won’t have to waste this one…

Thumbs down to Jeerum for releasing this now. Man, had you waited a few weeks after Sony’s next firmware, you’d have been in a much better position.

Oh well… It is what it is… What can ya do? In the meantime, if you haven’t upgraded past firmware 6.20, I suggest you stay that way — TN should be releasing his homebrew enabler (HEN) real soon. Otherwise kick back and enjoy user-mode homebrew by way of HBL R109 and Minna no Sukkiri.

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