PSP 3000 6.20 TN-A Temporary Workaround for Homebrew

Attention users who’re experiencing homebrew crashes on PSP-3000 models with virtuous flame’s patch: Numerous comments indicate that the following will put an end to those crashes. Mind you, this isn’t a permanent fix, you’ll need to repeat these steps with each homebrew you run, at least until Total_Noob releases 6.20 TN-B.

Start HEN as normal (via HBL & Patapon 2 Demo).
When you’re back at the XMB remove your memory stick.
Press select to bring up the VSH menu.
Re-insert your memory stick after VSH fully restarts and try whatever homebrew again. It should boot without crashing.
Repeat steps 2 – 5 every time you start a new homebrew.
A quick thanks to MaX_SLayeR, waleed, dopod, Bkinderr, Neo, Shake, strangebuttrue, and everyone else who left a comment mentioning & confirming this workaround. Sorry if I missed ya.

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