Openidea v1.1 beta 2 for 6.20TN-A

While most people are probably already using the Prometheus ISO Loader for you’re ISO loading on HEN needs, developer Dridri would like to offer you an alternative: his recently released OpenIdea ISO Loader which just passed into v1.1 Beta 2. Anyone who is familiar with the Half-Byte Loader scene has probably heard of this ISO loader before as it’s been in development for a while.
Dridri’s OpenIdea ISO Loader takes a different approach than most ISO loaders: instead of launching the ISO itself, the OpenIdea ISO Loader is designed to be paired with the OpenIdea Eboot Builder, which converts your ISO files to EBOOTs and allows you to run them directly from the XMB (after loading the HEN of course). This removes the need to launch another application through the HEN then select which ISO you want to run.
Here is what wololo had to say about the OpenIdea ISO Loader:
Dridri is actively working on this awesome tool, so expect more updates in the near future There are reports that exiting a game will crash (although as you can see on the video, the “pause” feature on the PSP go seems to work just fine), and don’t expect all games to work with this for now, but it will surely improve with time
Here are instructions for running the OpenIdea ISO Loader (thanks to OM9H4X):
Extract the ISO Loader (link 1) and put all the .prx-files in “ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM”. there is NO need to register these in the vsh.txt file
Take an ISO of your choice and drop it onto the “iso_packer.exe” that is the eboot converter (link 2).
After the program finished converting, put the EBOOT (that can be found in the same directory as the ISO it has been created from) on your MS like this “ms0:/PSP/GAME/anynamehere/EBOOT.PBP”
The converted ISO should now show up in the games section in the XMB.
Since this application is still in the Beta stages, don’t expect it to be perfect at this time. As wololo said, Dridri is actively developing this ISO loader, so expect updates and improvements to come around regularly. If you feel like giving it a try then go for it. If worst comes to worst you could always go back to using the Prometheus ISO Loader.
A big thanks to Dridri for this great application! Keep up the good work! As always, keep it here for the latest news from the PSP scene!

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