PSP 6.20 TN-A Available Download

Update: 6.20 TN-A HEN crashing? Seems its working fine on the PSP Go for most, but reports are coming in that its crashing on the PSP-3000 or TA88v3+ PSP2000′s. I’m sure Total_Noob will have a 6.20 TN-B (HEN) update or a fix asap! If you find it does work for you. Please post which release of 6.20 TN-A your using and what Patapon 2 save game exploit (The first or Nov 14th updated one?)
The wait is finally over! Total_Noob has released 6.20 TN-A (HEN) via PSPGEN. A big day indeed for the PSP scene. So grab your PSP-2000 TA-88v3+, PSP-3000 or PSP Go. And get ready for some homebrew enabled fun.
Firstly 6.20 TN-A (HEN) needs to be run on a PSP system with Firmware 6.20 and you’ll need HBL. Grab that below:
PSP Firmware 6.20 for PSP Go systems
PSP Firmware 6.20 for PSP Slim (PSP-2000) TA88v3+ Systems and PSP-3000′s
So if you haven’t got HBL already, grab the latest Half Byte Loader release:

6.20 TN-A (HEN) Instructions:
Download the 6.20 TN (Below)
Connect your PSP to the computer via USB
Place your PSP in “USB mode“ with the option “USB Connection“
Right-click on the file you downloaded,
Choose “Extract Files …”( WinRAR is advised)
Choose like destination the letter assigned to your PSP from your computer.
Press OK and wait extraction files,
Leave the “USB Mode“on your PSP
In the XMB go to PSP/GAME And start the Patapon 2 demo (DL save game Below) and run Half Byte Loader.
In the menu of HEN, select HEN
Wait a few seconds your PSP will reboot!
You will be automatically returned to the XMB.
Congratulations, now enjoy your homebrew.

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