Dingoo Dingear v0.2: SMS emulator for Dingux

Here is the preview of another port of SMSPLUS but specifically crafted for the Dingoo console.
There's still several small issues (like the sound volume being extremely low) and no decent menus yet
however it already have some exclusive features i haven't found in other emulators:
- Fullscreen with bilinear filtering (ipu).
- Hardware vsync on both tvout & lcd.
- Full framerate (obtained via heavy use of the processor mxu and the ipu running in parallel).
I don't know if it works as planed on ILI9325 based consoles.
Commands are:
Left trigger: reset (sms)
Right trigger: exit
B: button 1
Y: button 2
Select: full screen on/off
Start: start (gg)

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