Pandora DS: Fake Flash Kit

A company calling itself Pandora-DS has released a Flash Kit. The kit has been confirmed to run the Wood firmware. The "team" claims the card supports 64GB SDHC cards and it appears that they are masking some Homebrew apps as their own. Some users have reported a copy of akmenu4.nds being packaged with the Wood firmware, there has yet to be any confirmation on the version number, which could very well be the v1.5 Rudolph cracked for R4 AK2i Clones. Right now this looks like someone re-stickered an R4 clone which is already supported by Yellow Wood Goblin, more than a possibility of this being a new clone produced from the AK2i Actel design sold by Acekard over a year ago.

A cautionary note for users who wish to further investigate this card, one user has already reported a potential trojan virus while browsing the page. Other users appear to have no issues yet this information warrants a cautionary mention.

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