PS3 GenesisPlus V1.1 with Source Code

The anonymous coder, behind the GenesisPlus GX emulator, has been hard at work. Today, he has released version 1.1, complete with source code! All of you budding developers out there, now will have a chance to take a look at the inner workings, of the GenesisPlus GX emulator. The latest version now has support for an ini settings file. In this file you can set up your rom, savestate, etc. paths and the emulator will make them for you. This means you can now run roms from your internal hard drive, previously the emu would only work with an externalUSB drive. Also included in this release are Action Replay/Datal cheat support.

Genesisplus GX on PS3 V1.1
Dont worry ps3sx psone emulator is coming and i'm working on Yabause sega saturn too.

What's new in this revision added in version 1.1 :
the action replay 1.0 cartridge support can be enabled inside the setting
the datel action replay 1.0 for genesis or Megadrive need to be renamed to areplay.bin
and put inside "/cart" folder example "/dev_hdd0/game/GENP00001/cart"
Added ini files reader for all paths like bios , roms , cart , state
the GenesisConf.ini can be found inside "/dev_hdd0/game/GENP00001/"
you dont have to create any folder Genesisplus can do the job for you.
you've just setup all paths inside Genesisconf.ini and run again the emulator
when Genesisplus create all folders for you just use your best files manager
or FTP homebrew for send all your roms ,cartridge or bios the bios is optional
by default the GenesisConf.ini use "/dev_hdd0/game/GENP00001" in main path
so you can use it or change it .
Good news The source code is released on

added in version 1.0 :
A new rom Menu from Snes9x better
Added setting for enable and disable FPS
Stretch screen, pal60
Auto detection of the Refresh rate fix the sound
SaveState load State
Shader Filter X2SaI ,Hq4x , Super Eagle and many Other.

Support in this version :
2 Players OK
roms support OK
Zip support OK
svp emulation for virtua racing and Co OK
save state OK
Sound Fixe OK
Setting OK
6 Button Gamepad OK
Screen Stretch OK
Video Filter Shader OK
Action Replay 1.0 OK
GenesisConf.ini OK

To Use the Save State at any time
Press L3 to save your State
Press R3 to Load your state

Genesis General Button:
Y == L1
Z == R1

If you want change the setting:
Inside the roms Menu you can go to the Setting with CIRCLE

back to rom menu in games KO

i'm using genesisplus GX from EkeEke go to google code for the source code:

My thanks go to AerialX , drk||Raziel , halsafar ,squarepusher2 ,charles mcdonalds for the original source code ,
Eke-Eke for the uptodate version on wii ,psxgroovy at for the dongle sample ,
Mathieulh and ps3mrenigma thanks to for the support and vanou from ps3gen for the french translation .

if you want to donate to support all my dev on ps3 retail
my paypal is :

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