PS3 Gliitch's GAXMB

Earlier this week, we reported on a dev, named gliitch, who had started a project to modify his XMB. However, his project was rather unstable at the time. Today, news arrives to us, that gliitch has stabilized his XMB mods, and the system is no longer crashing. The project is still far from finished, no debug options are enabled yet, however, it is still a work in progress.

"I have been working away at this for a few days, and its a follow up to my Unstable version of my XMB. Well good news people, it is now fully usable.
As this is still my first proper release, its not by any means complete. No debug options enabled yet, but i think i have done pretty well. Thank you GregoryRasputin for helping me out."
Little hint, check out “About Game” from any Homebrew app.

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