PS3 NDS3: Nintendo DS Emulator

The French site has released a video of the emulator Nintendo DS, developed by Anonymous, the new name of the emulator is NDS3. Here is a summary of the news :
There are some days that the site has announced in exclusivity the new creation of Anonymous, which is a porting of an emulator Nintendo DS. Its name is now NDS3, this emulator has improved, so we decided to make a video of the latest draft to show you the progression.

Since the last version, Anonymous had restart porting of the emulator DeSmuME to adapt with the PowerPC architecture of the PlayStation 3. Now, the console is capable of using the CPU successfully to comfortably play 3D games, they were accelerated by 7 times compared to the first version. However, the emulator is still under development and 3D games are not yet optimized to their fullest. We present two games in this video, Yoshi’s Island DS and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. To make the most of the gameplay offered by the emulator, we cut the cutscenes.

As you see, the 2D games are very fluid and require almost no more work, Anonymous will now concentrate on the most advanced games to optimize the architecture of the PlayStation 3. The video is available below, we will give you more information, always exclusive, as soon as development progresses.

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