PS3 Vice C64 v1.0.3 with Source Code

Today, TimRex, has informed us, that he has updated his C64 Emulator, Vice. The latest version, 1.0.3, brings mouse support, improved keyboard support, ZIP/GZIP support, and more.


Build 1.0.3:
Configuration / Settings can now be saved
Menu based configuration now supports some of the more common VICE settings
Added mouse support
Physical keyboard support improved (still some minor bugs). Added positional/symbolic key layout modes
Added ZIP and GZIP support
Added HUD options for framerate/speed display
Added HUD options for Disk/Tape activity
Added multiple disk drive support
Disk images can be inserted using TRIANGLE + L1/L2/R1/R2 for drives 8, 9, 10, 11 respectively.
ReSID-FP support has been added, providing significantly better audio emulation.
Turn up the speakers on this, it's a world of difference.
Support for various SID models have been added as part of ReSID-FP
Maximum resampling under ReSID-FP is now default, using the original 6581R4 model SID.
Fixed a bug when using compatibility mode. Occasionally TDE was not enabled correctly.
Happy gaming!

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