Cydia: Pull to Refresh Safari

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Pull To Refresh Safari is the latest jailbreak tweak to appear on the scene that adds Twitter App like refresh functionality to a stock iPhone app; in this case Safari. Not too long ago, Pull To Refresh Mail was released, which added the same unique refreshing capability to the stock Mail app.

Personally, I’m all for tweaks like this; it feels like a native part of the iPhone’s interface, while at the same time modernizes apps that haven’t changed much since they first debuted…

This is one of the reasons why I love jailbreaking so much; it’s the small tweaks and adjustments that make for a better experience. Obviously a tweak like Pull To Refresh Safari is far from a necessity, but it adds a certain amount of flavor to the browser’s aging underbelly.

Being that this is nothing more than a small tweak, you’ll get no extra settings or app icons; just download and install from Cydia, and off you go.

Once the tweak has been installed, fire up Safari and slide the page down until you see the refresh dialogue. From there, if you release your finger, the page will refresh just like a normal tap of the refresh button.

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