PS3 Null DC Progress Update

Earlier this month, we reported that drk||Raziel, had resumed work on his PS3 port of nullDC. Today, drk||Raziel has posted a quick status update, on his blog, regarding the project. He states that he's made some progress on the emu, but he's also run into some roadblocks.

He has successfully compiled a working build with PSL1GHT, making the project legal to distribute. However, he is having trouble getting 3D output, which is turning out to be more complex then expected. He had hoped to get a playable build out to the community, by the end of this month. However, these roadblocks will need to be addressed first, which will delay the release until at least next month.

quick update
the good : ndce compiles and works with psl1ght

the bad: it has no 3d out yet. This was quite a bit more complex than initially thought, and I had far less time than planned.

the ugly: I’m leaving for vacations tomorrow, so don’t expect anything fancy the following wee

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