PSP GameCategories Light V1.2 for 6.20TN-A

Bubbletune is hard at work this week releasing an update to his plugin that keeps us all sane: Game Categories Light for 6.20 TN-A. For those of you who don’t know, GCL is a great plugin that allows you to categorize and sort your games and homebrews. The latest update, v1.2, features a few additional bug fixes.
Here’s the official changelog:
CHANGES 1.1 -> 1.2
- Removing games/homebrew didn’t work correctly, fixed.
- Revised the way categories are handled internally in order to
make the filename length limitation a lot less harsh. Categories
are internally shortened to two digits, meaning you don’t need
to shorten the filenames as often as you used to.
- If the required firmware version is higher then your current
firmware it now shows so, instead of the odd ’6.31 – 6.20′
Here are instructions for installing and using GCL v1.2:
Game Categories Light is the successor to Game Categories Revised for
the 6.XX kernel. It extends the ‘By Expire Date’ foldering feature
with a well integrated ‘By Category’ feature. It also introduces a
subtitle showing the game/homebrew’s type and firmware limitations.
Categorizing your games and homebrew is entirely left to you, and
an ‘Uncategorized’ option is added in case you missed anything.
- Any PSP model running 6.20 TN.
- Connect your PSP to your PC and create a folder called ‘seplugins’
in the root of your memory stick (eg. X:/seplugins).
- Extract the file called ‘game_categories_light.prx’ included in
this ZIP in to the ‘seplugins’ directory you just created.
- Using any text editor, create a file called ‘vsh.txt’ inside the
same ‘seplugins’ directory.
- Add one of the following lines in to the just-created text file,
depending on your PSP model:
If you are using a PSPGo and storing it on the built-in storage:
ef0:/seplugins/game_categories_light.prx 1
In any other situation:
ms0:/seplugins/game_categories_light.prx 1
- Exit USB mode, open the VSHMenu, and select ‘RESTART VSH’. You are
now ready to create categories.
- Connect your PSP to your PC and browse to your /PSP/GAME folder.
- Create folders representing the categories you’d like to use.
- Move any homebrew or games you’d like into the freshly created
- Do not move your Patapon demo inside a category, as categories
do not function while you are in the official firmware. They will
show up as corrupted data.
- If corrupt data starts showing up, shorten the length of the
filenames of your homebrew. While the plugin does everything
it can to avoid this since 1.2, it isn’t ruled out.
- Exit USB mode and you’re ready to start using them!
- In order to hide the ‘Uncategorized’ folder, simply create a file
called ‘X:/seplugins/hide_uncategorized.txt’. Just leave it empty.
- Davee (betatesting & providing firmware for development)
- ruyor (betatesting)
- Draan (betatesting)

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