PS3 OPL Manager v17 Released

Today developer danielb has released a new version of OPL Manager. Check out the release notes and the download link provided below.

NEW VERSION: V17 -- Changelog - v.17 2015-11-07: 

Added support for iso files with only game name
Fixed incorrect game size order
Changed system to cache hdl games
Fixed failing to create VMC
Updated Translations

Found a bit of time to push this small update.

Users with ISO's without the game ID should be happy with this one, since it 
supports the new file name format.

Also it caches all the games in a xml file, so the game list load is faster if 
you have a LOT of games!

Also fixed the bug with VMC creation, strange only one person noticed the problem!

Over and OUT!


For those that used older CFG files for 2nd Info Page:
1) The CFG files need to be upgraded to a new version, please backup all of your 
original CFG before starting upgrading.
2) You can upgrade them all by going to "Batch Actions=>Upgrade old CFGs".
3) Currently only the NEW Themes released since 26 August, 2015 from Jay-Jay are 

Thanks to:

drinzon - Original CFG Editor (OPL CFG Editor (v2.2)) - Allowed me to do a 
clone of its app Jay-Jay - Testing and theme creation 
(Jay-Jay's "Theme Collection" for OPL v0.9.x)
RandQalan - Compiled genvmc (Gen VMC? Can anyone compile it for me) 
for using in CFG Editor All the users that helped by translating this software!!
And other if i missed sorry!

ENJOY! Report bugs!

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