PS3 COBRA v7.2 Released

As of October the 29th.
Following has been changed and updated since 4.46 COBRA 7

[ Joonie's Changes ]
Cobra spoofer has been removed again [the same as COBRA 4.30], since this is no longer supporting PSN accesibility since 4.60 OFW update.
PLS3 patches are removed from modulespatch.c since this is one of those pre-applied patches on 4.xx CFW
unknown E3 patches are removed to fix an issue with XMB, [Originally found by rancid-0, from his PS3ITA 4.50 COBRA]
Dual VSH supports for REBUG REX / D-REX CFW, proper hash check code was developed by habib and Nzv recently.
NPDRM Fself fix for REBUG REX/D-REX, this removed Kakaroto’s sig check patch pre-applied in REBUG’s debug VSH.

[ Habib's changes ]
Stage0 Base payload, this clears stage1 when stage2 is not loaded on LV2, which completely disabled COBRA mode
Syscall 11 is added to support full lv1 peek
Ps2netemu work around is discovered, now PS2 ISO can be redirected as ps2classic, this was developed to fix ps2 wireless pad sync issue for non backward compatible PS3 models.
New savedata patch workaround for ps2_netemu has been added, PS2 DISC ICON will use decrypted VM card, but it still has sync issue and PS2 Launcher will use encrypted VM card for both ISO/Classics, no sync issue at all
Added in COBRA v7.2: Allow Syscall 11 to gain full access to syscall 6/7/9/10 to prevent modification from homebrews like multiMAN.

[ KW's changes ]
webMAN integration on boot. Also disables external webMAN plugin located in dev_hdd0
PSN Patch stealth mode, it remove custom syscall from the ps3

[ Dean's changes ]
Improved map_path, to fix the issue with games like Shadow of Mordor
Permission protection is disabled to increase game compatiblity and full DEX support.[no more issue with Target Manager or CCAPI]
80010017 / 8001002B Error fix is added since 4.60, this was developed to prevent issues with games when game disc is inserted in BD Drive.
LIC.DAT check is patched to fix the issue with launching homebrew since 4.60

[ Nzv's changes]
PS3MAPI 1.2.2 support, it is similar feature comparing to CCAPI, but open sourced project and also can unload vsh plugins , attatch process on all type of EBOOT. One of those great debugging features.
Partial disable syscall8 and unhooks all cobra hooks (Part of PS3MAPI)
Block update from disc

[ Aldo's changes ]
Improved PSX media type support, now it supports following disc types
2048 // 2352 // 2336 // 2448 *

Improved Video mode patch with proper region detection Original COBRA payload was relying on ps1emu’s detection method, now COBRA has extra pre-processing that can detect region properly and force apply correct refresh rate depending on the game’s region. (Improved PS3MAPI functions)
Added PEEK/POKE (LV1/LV2) as PS3MAPI opcodes (syscall8)
Added option to block access and request access to syscall8 using a key (also as PS3MAPI opcodes)
Added temporary disablement of Cobra syscall8 to allow dumpers peek 0×1000 to 0×9800

*STILL IN W.I,P, please let me know if anyone is interested in making changes in this note
Instructions: HOW to update your existing COBRA payload.
Replace stage2.cex.release file with stage2 located in dev_flash/rebug/cobra/stage2.cex Make sure to rename your stage2.cex.release to stage2.cex webftp_server.sprx is a test version of aldo's latest build of webMAN MOD that allows re-enabling syscall 6/7/9/10 that's disabled by PS3MAPI. The path of the integrated webman is located at dev_flash/vsh/module/ Make sure to mount dev_blind to have write access to dev_flash or rebug toolbox can mount dev_rebug that does the same job Stage2.cex.debug is debug version of stage2 binary. Unless a user wants to debug with socat, not necessary to use this.

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