PS3 Call of Duty Black Ops 3 NPEB02266 Zombies Mods: Infinite Health, Ammo, Money and More

Today developer Ammar-A1 has released a new awesome set of mods for the newly release title Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Check out the release notes and the download link provided below.

Hello everyone ! Here is my modded PKG file for [NPEB02266]-Black Ops 3 update (1.02) for zombie mode so no need to use any tool.

This .PKG file got the following Mods:

1- Infinite Health.
2- Infinite Ammo/No reload.
3- Infinite Money.
4- you will get the following hacks after becoming a beast: 
(Less attractive - x2 Higher jump - x2Run speed - RayGun - KorMarothArbgaoth).

If you are going to jump around the map using the x2 higher jump try to do that with other people while you hosting because if you did it alone 
you might die getting hit from nowhere

I will be doing more fixes and I might add new mods if I saw a lot of people interested on that.. if you are hosting online game 
you will never die and all of your friend will have same hacks as you.

Fixed the money glitch and now all players can buy anything they want, if you playing solo alone you might die sometimes ! No more freezes when 
change between Zombies and Multiplayer menus.

Want me to add any new modes? just tell me in comments ! Use this PKG after updating your game to 1.02.. have fun.

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