PS3 eboot tool by Unk Released

Developer's Notes: 
Purpose of eboot tool:
“encrypt.exe is intended to create an eboot/ppc self that has the same format as an official eboot. The input eboot must be compiled as original elf or extracted from an official game eboot with unencrypt.exe. When used with official game eboots the elf portion of the re-made eboot should turn out exactly the same as the original (except for your modifications). unencrypt also extracts the keys used to encrypt the meta data and the section keys from the original self. if present, they will be used by encrypt.exe instead of random keys. the area between elf sections is filled with padding in game selfs. encrypt will place this padding into the self or will use zeroes if not available. For npdrm self of course the special npdrm only signature at the end of the eboot will not be present. You could simply take the last 30 bytes plus any padding from the original eboot or use random numbers. It really doesn’t matter without the real key. sdk.exe is for editing the sdk version in the elf.”

fixed extra 16 bytes added to compressed section offset if alignment was already correct. alignment of compressed sections must be fixed when creating compressed selfs. added check for section alignment already correct so it doesn’t get “corrected” twice. thanks to the member who spotted this problem. = updated archive of e-boot tools + developer tools

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