PS3 Army of Two Devils Cartel BLES01763 Patch 1.01 EBOOT Fix for CFW 3.55 Released

With the DUPLEX release of Army of Two Devil's Cartel inspired me to get started on some new game fixes.

I do not have any of these games yet to test out the fixes so if you have the games and want to try the fixes I can NOT guarantee they will work.

RazorX has an amazing application that is suppose to make resigning very simple for basic EBOOT.bin and Param.sfo changes but I will not performing any .sprx or .edat editing.

(If you would like to check out his application for PC check out this posting here.)

Opossio83 has also released a working EBOOT fix for CFW 3.55 feel free to check it out using the download links provided below.

Release Notes:
BLES01763_A0101-341-355 by opoisso893.7z

1) Install Official Patch 1.01 .PKG by using the download link below.
2) Install Opossio83's EBOOT Fix .PKG using the download link below.
3) Boot from MultiMAN.

EBOOT Fix for v1.01
 Opossio83's EBOOT Fix v1.01
Official Patch 1.01
Official Patch 1.01

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