PSVita 2.06 Userland Exploit Game Announced: Apache Overkill

Today developer TomTomDu80 has announced that the latest version of Sony PSVita Firmware (2.06) can be exploited by downloading the PSVita Mini title Apache Overkill.

As far as I have heard the news so far the EU version has been already pulled from the PSN Store and the US Store might be next.

Developers have noticed that for some odd reason the compatibility with homebrew from previous exploits has been reduced. Some emulators, homebrew games, and homebrew apps are not working.

What this means for you?

If you are running Vita Firmware 2.06 you can load VHBl (once the files are readily available) and boot homebrew from the original PSP scene.

If you are running 2.06 < X.XX then you can update but make sure to grab the PSN game from the store first.

Stay Tuned as we will be providing download links for upcoming VHBL for this exploit.

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