PSVita TN-V Released

Today developer Total_Noob has released the long awaited TN-V eCFW for PSVita. Check out the features, the instructions and the download link provided below.

Some of the features of TN-V include:
The whole PSP environment
Recovery menu and VSH menu (many options to set)
Support of plugins
CPU speed changement (makes no sense, as the difference is only minimal )
Install Addon
Network update
1.50 kernel homebrews compatibility
Higher homebrews compatibility (VLF homebrews)
High PSX compatibility (without sound)
High backups compatibility
Support of prometheus patched backups

Instructions: (Note: This requires an exploit to use, TN-V is not an exploit itself!)

Search the game which you own in ‘savedatas’ and extract the associated savedata to ‘\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\’, (The ’XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’ is a bunch of random numbers and letters.)
Transfer it to your PS Vita using CMA.
Obtain the 6.60 EBOOT (link below!) and copy it to the savedata folder with the name ’660.PBP’
Run the exploit game and hold the R trigger while the game is loading the exploited savedata.
Once you are in the recovery menu, select: -> Advanced -> Install 6.60 files
As original OFW files are needed, this step has to be done. But ONLY ONE TIME.
If you are not familiar with the recovery menu, only adjust the settings which are recommended.
Enjoy 6.60 TN-V

If you’ve found a bug, please either contact Total_Noob or write the problem in the official /Talk forums topic which is collecting bugs. If your problem lies on the initializing of the exploit, please report the debug color which appeared.

* Thanks to Dark_AleX for all his great work since 2005.
* Thanks to frostegater for the wlan kernel exploit.
* Thanks to The_Zett for providing his server.
* Thanks to every developer who provides his game exploit to the scene.

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