PS3 Official Firmware 4.40 Released: Forced Mandatory Update

Today Sony has released a new firmware version for the Playstation 3. While we are unsure of what the exact changes are that this time it is probably just to block another wave of custom firmware enabled PS3 users from going online.

Changelog (Yes, that is one small changelog for a forced firmware update):
- I corresponding to (RC-S380 Sony Corporation products) IC card reader / writer PaSoRi non-contact.
- The system software to improve the stability of the operation.

From having a look at the internals of the .PUP you will notice that by the filenames that Sony may be pushing out a new Blu-Ray Drive Firmware just in time to possibly block ODE (Optical Drive Emulator exposed by 3K3Y and soon to be released Cobra ODE).

Cyberskunk has noted that they could simply pull this firmware update apart as they did not change the firmware keys even within the core. He has noted that the PSN Passphrase has not changed and you can simply change them within your index.dat.

Developer Bubba has noted the 3K3Y is confirmed working on firmware 4.40.

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