PS3 PS2 Classics Manager Tachyon Theme by Opium2K

Quote (Opium2k):
I think this is the 12th PS3 homebrew application I've brought my tachyon theme to (it would have been lucky 13 but I've misplaced some files) Not exactly a new, original theme but my time was limited and I felt like taking a break from what I was doing to check out the new app from CaptainCPS-X I might make some more themes for this, I might not. I won't make any guarantees.

I've tested it on 3.55. Feel free to try it on 4.xx and let me know if it works. As you can see , I don't have any PS2 games installed. Partly because I'm lazy, partly because I find making themes for apps more fun than actually using them lol.

If anyone who actually has some games would be willing to post a screenshot or 2 of the program it would be appreciated

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