PS3 MultiMAN 04.20.04 Released: Support for CFW 4.40

The online version of mM is updated to support 4.40CFW. Rogero/Rebug can use it to test their upcoming firmwares. It doesn't have lv2 mem protection patched in LV1, but other than that all the stuff is there: BD Movie region change, DYNAREC, payload, PSX backups, PS3 backups, etc.

LV1 patches are added, too. Now direct-disc-access should work too, ps1 disc-backups should work, along with everything else.

mM online version is now fully compatible with 4.40CFW.

All tested on 4.40CFW and everything works.

No, the online update is always the latest (which means from yesterday).

Here it is for those who want to test or to be prepared and ready:

- Added full support for 4.40CFW


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