PS3 Sony Releases Firmware 3.55

The Official Sony Blog was updated today, bringing us news, that a new firmware will be arriving soon, for the PS3. The upcoming firmware, version 3.55, does not bring any new features at all. Instead, the firmware is a minor update, that only adds a security patch.


It can only be speculated on, as to what exactly, this firmware update patches. However, if we had to guess, we'd say it will remove the ability to downgrade, with devices such as the PS Jailbreak and E3 Card Reader. We urge all of our readers, not to update, once this firmware is released, if they wish to retain the ability to jailbreak their console.

UPDATE: The v3.55 firmware has now arrived, consoles are being prompted to update.

Courtesy of PS3-Hacks - Updates Regarding Downgrading

Update: It’s out and it’s mandatory — you cannot log in to PSN without updating to 3.55. It’s a mega small update too. Downloaded in mere seconds. Update wisely.

Update: So far I’m still able to enter Factory/Service mode with E3 Card Reader (programmed with E3 Downgrade software).

Update: But! Before I attempt a downgrade I’ve learned to backup my saved games… Cool, I’m still able to get back into retail mode using the 2nd Lv2diag.self file. Wait! WTF?! GT5 Save Game Lock: Copying Prohibited. I can’t backup my GT5 saves? Weak.

Update: Looks like they’ve patched it… You’re still able to put the PS3 in Factory/Service mode; however, step 5 to 10 (referring to the tutorial here) is a no go. The system continues to boot into Factory/Service mode, even with the modified 3.41 PUP and the first Lv2diag.self file loaded alone on a USB drive. Fortunately the second Lv2diag.self works and returns the PS3 to retail mode. So in other words: you cannot [currently] downgrade from PS3 firmware 3.55. Well, at least I never lost my GT5 save. Back to it!

[via: psgroove]

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