PS3 Null DC Progress Update

Many of you are probably wondering, "What ever happened to the Dreamcast emulator that was being ported to PS3?" Well, drk||Raziel, author of nullDC, has informed us, that after a long hiatus, he will now be resuming his work on the nullDC PS3 port. Work had previously been suspended due to personal reasons. Work has kicked back off again though, and it appears drk may be hinting at a Christmas release.

Resuming operations !
December 9th, 2010

Just a quick post to notify ya guys and gals waiting for news, that i had to suspend development for a month or so due to some personal reasons. As of today, i’m back into coding though !

Oh, and there’s Xmas coming huh … mnn

On a sidenote, as of yesterday nullDCe also runs on android, thank god the internet for willing overseas testers !. Also, the ppc rec got some improvements some weeks ago (wii speeds tripled, now nearing playable rates). The same code will also be used for ps3 (both wii and ps3 use ppc in big endian). There are some vidis on youtube, you can go hunting for them, but nothing too pretty so won’t link from here

Also, make sure to read on the wikileaks stuff, some of the responses to it, as well as the DDoSes that have followed ! It almost looks like war-zone around the internests, with the most interesting thing being the failure to censor !

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