OpenPandora News: Nubs Progress

The first 2000 of the new nubs have successfully arrived at the board company in Texas yesterday at 10am (according to the UPS tracking information)

If what they told us is true and they really have over 2000 boards finished, putting the nubs on should not be a big deal and happen pretty fast.
But let's be careful here - so far, we have no proof that the boards really exist. They missed a few deadlines already - but then again, they might've been waiting for the final nubs to appear.
Trey (as mentioned before, he's one of the guys from the community here) will most probably be visiting them tomorrow to find out what the status is.
Let's all hope he comes back with good news.

If they haven't produced as many boards as they claimed, I can only hope you continue to support us. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have come this far.
And after all, they successfully built 900 boards so far so we know they can do it. They won't have the excuse that they're waiting for the nubs anymore AND we have Trey to regularly check the production, so it should be possible getting the remaining boards soon!

And as you know - we're also currently setting up a batch with a new company - so in worst case, they can start the production.
We're trying to do whatever we can to keep the Pandora alive. All we need is your support! Then we can do it!

LCD Cables

If you take a look at the threads, the issue of the purple tint of death hasn't occured often since we began to handle the LCD cable extra careful.
Some still seem to be week and fail, but that was about 3 out of 700 so far.

Still, the LCD cable needs a lot of work (we need to apply a lot of copper tape manually for shielding) and we don't want ANY cable to fail in the future.
We're getting some samples from a different company next week (some contact he had at MSI proposed them to us). That company is specialized on flex cables, so they know exactly how to produce the cables that they won't break.
They also shielded the cables, so we won't need to do that manually anymore.
That will make things easier in the future.

TV Out Cables

The TV Out cable production can now be started anytime and should take 4 - 6 weeks.
I want to wait for the next big batch of boards to ship from Texas before doing it though, because if the company in Texas doesn't work reliable, we need to concentrate on that first!
But finally, it's ready to be produced.

Broken Nubs

It was planned that the company in Texas replaces the nubs, but currently, as long as we don't know how fast they're really working, we're looking for options.
The best option is doing it ourselves - saves shipping costs and I know I can rely on myself
ERSA (one of the biggest companies creating soldering and desoldering tools) is really helpful and is currently investigating if they can provide us a solution to easily remove the nubs.

If this is the case, then we can finally repair broken nub boards once all the new nubs are there.
This might be after christmas, because during christmas season there are always a lot of delays everywhere (also in production), but we'll inform you when the time is finally there.

Well, as usual, time is our only enemy - but we will face that enemy!

[via: OpenPandora]

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