Dingoo Dingear v0.1: SMS emulator for Native

Here is a new sms emulator for us. This is for the native os.
Thanks to www.dingoobr.com for the news

Translated from website...
hitchhikr launched the emulator Dinger . The emulator, which emulates games Master System, is a port of the emulator SMSPLUS , released a few weeks ago by reesy .
But, unlike the port mentioned above, which runs in Dingux specifically, the Dinger has been ported to run on the system's native Dingoo. As you can see, this is a version preview . Therefore, the emulator has a few bugs , such as not have menus or run with extremely low volume. But in contrast, already incorporates some nice features, such as running with full framerate , hardware v-sync on the TV-Out, and LCD screens and full-screen option with bilinear filtering.
To the comrades who enjoy a good emulation of the Master System, this emulator, although it has limitations at this time, it shows good for this job.

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