Dingoo sz81: Sinclair ZX81 Emulator for Dingux

Hey guys!

The brazilian Ricardo Leite has released, to the Dingux system, the port of the sz81 emulator. It emulates the computer ZX81, from Sinclair Research. This microcomputer, which was marketed from 1981 to 1984, was a bestseller at the time.

Below are some controls of the emulator:

X - Space
A + X - Write the pound symbol ("£")
A + START - Changes the cursor K to F
R - Delete
D-Pad Left / Right - This command rolls the cursor on which is written
START - Enter key

Ricardo, via email, told me that he chose to port this emulator because it emulates hardware mods and also by having a virtual keyboard.

Still, he warns that it's not possible to close the emulator. For the user that wants to close properly the emulator he should connect a USB cable to a computer and, via telnet, choose to close the emulator or reboot the system. You can also use the reset button of the Dingoo for this operation. But it is not very recommended because, according to the author, sometimes it makes confuse the Dingux's filesystem.

Finally, the author said that he intends, if he didn't face any mishap, to finish the port of the emulator this weekend, and if so, to solve these problems that is in the current port (such as the problem described above and improve the button mapping of the emulator).

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