PS3 OpenPS3FTP V1.4: Open Source FTP Server

jjolano proposes a new version of its FTP server for PS3 which has the distinction of being completely Open Source.

New / fixed:

- Added additional return codes
- New command parser (better than the last)
- Moving the recovery function of the IP on its own thread (which avoids the problems of blockages, this method requires, however, still have access to internet)
- Detects all now mount points dev_flash writable
- Rewrite many functions
- Added information more understandable to the display
- Moving the passwd command and EXITAPP in the specific SITE commands (see SITE HELP)
- Changing the format of LIST to look somewhat "ls-a-l"
- Reduced code
- Improved performance and stability
- Fixed some bugs
- Improved compatibility with FTP clients

The archive also contains a version of the CFW Geohot and a version without a password for the connection.

Use the IP of your PS3 to connect to your PS3, then use:

Login: root
Password: openbox

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