PSP DaedalusX64 Beta 3 (Video and Download)


Screen zoom (up to 150%) to get rid of black borders
Show patch progress instead of black screen while patching (Corn/Salvy)
Optimization/Speed-up in Dynarec/Loop Opt. and simplified the Fragment Cache Hash
Z-fighting Fixed
Faster D-list processing for a speed-up
Faster N64 Fixed Point Matrix loading and other optimizations in rendering
Added option to use Cover-Flow or Classic GUI
Added battery info in pause menu (Salvy/psppwner300/Corn)
64 SaveState slots (psppwner300/Corn)
New faster Double Display List processing
16bit screen rendering (Using dithering for smoother colors)
Missing HUD(heart) fixed in OoT/MM
Faster texture check/hash
Faster audio conversion code and optimizations, fixed left/right sound swap
New DMA transfer mode using VFPU
Frame-rate limiter no longer stalls CPU
Added more patches in OSHLE GU function library using VFPU
Added Auto Frame Skip 1 & 2
Added hacks for Wonder Project J2, SM64 stars blend, Kirby 64 in DLParser_S2DEX_Bg1cyc & copy
Hack for alternative TLUT (MM, SSV, Animal Crossing, Sin and Punishment(Tsumi to Batsu) & Flying Dragon)
Hack for Wipeout, F-Zero and RR64 to proper Z-buffer rendering of geometry
When N64 uses Average as texture filter we do Bi-linear on PSP (Smooths Gex 3 and others textures properly)
Fixed Model-view matrices for Gex games to render properly
Added Blend Explorer now takes a selection from Combiner Explorer to test blends in real-time
Set Prim Depth works -> SSV, Road Rash, Glover, Rayman 2, Donald Duck
Insert Matrix works -> Kirby enemies and SSB animation
Force Matrix works -> Tarzan, Donald duck, Rayman2 and Star Wars Episode I - Racer
Proper texture loading -> F-Zero, Flying dragon (menus)

New home button library (works on newer FW's 6XX + button wrapper for easy usage)
New blender using a 16bit hash
Generic blend-mode (handles over 70% of all inexact blends)
Reworked COP1 Unusable Exceptions ( Increased compatibility greatly )
Added support for uCode tables and uCode definitions
Added a more robust and faster uCode cache (All used uCodes are retained, to avoid unnecessary hashing)
Reworked uCode detection (faster, and fixed several annoying bugs)
Simplified greatly interrupts
Implemented AI OS functions, also several fixes and optimizations throughout OSHLE
Updated Audio code base to latest Azimer's plug-in (Salvy/Corn)
Implemented several custom uCodes (Conker, GE sky etc)
Recursive deletion + Reset settings/oshle cache
Deprecated RSP LLE emulation from PSP build
Properly transfer palettes to Video Memory after loading texture (Fixes annoying spots)
Added Forced Filtering, can be changed on Global Settings (Salvy and Kreationz)
Fixed memory region 0xA500 0xA5FF (Pokemon Stadium 1 and F-Zero(U) boot now)
Panic Button -> L-TRIG + R-TRIG + START pressed for 2 sec (Salvy/Corn)
Add compatibility for using gprof for profiling
Update Screen only called once per frame (Fixes Flashing and Shaking)
Updated clipping code to latest version from Irrlicht Engine
Fix of IA4 textures (OoT's Trees for example)
Fixed 4bpp texture padding
Implemented S2dex and Sprite2D
Auto uCode detector (Grazz/Kreationz)
Implement per game SaveState support

Memory Access Optimization
Move Video Memory and Graphics Context initialization into system.cpp
Avoid strdup, use static array instead
Other Devs and People that helped greatly:

Added VFPU math (Zack/Corn)
Several improvements in our makefile (Maxijac)
Allows SaveState deletion (Maxijac)
Various improvements/updates to roms.ini (Wally, bdacanay, Yamagushi and Destroyer5150)
Cover-Flow Gui (Yamagushi)
Recommended Settings (Yamagushi)
Several custom blend-modes (Wally, Salvy, Kreationz, Corn, bdacanay, Darth_Sidious and NintendoBoy13)
Added ability to delete ROMs to GUI (psppwner300, Corn)

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