Dingoo EasyRPG Alpha REV 1305 for Dingux

Master Shin-Nil released a alpha of the port program EasyRPG . The program, which runs on Dingux, is an interpreter portable RPG Maker . I leave the master explains, just over the hill, more about this release and tamém about installing the program on your Dingoo:

As mentioned in the post above, here's a version alpha (rev. 1305) of EasyRPG. Actually it is already available for other platforms since the 8.2 days, but have not had much free time during the week to compile it for Dingux.

Before anything, it is worth remembering that the battle scenes are not yet functional. I know that's what most of you expected to version alpha , but they only began to be outlined and some revisions later. Moreover, still are not working the load and save, vehicles and some menus are only implemented in version RPG2K.

Unfortunately, there are also some problems unique to dingoo: for reasons unknown so far, everything was much slower, even doing overclocking and the bottom of the windows are now discolored. I am deeply sorry for this, but could not solve

Below is a list of features for end users:

- Improvements in command Moves [ghabry, glynnc]
- Improvements in the scene shop [ghabry, glynnc, niltonpd (Shin-NIL)
- Fixed bugs in the code TileMap [glynnc]
- Optimizations / corrections in the game interpreter [ghabry, zhek]
- Unicode support [ghabry, glynnc] image support XYZ [glynnc]
- Support Picture [glynnc]
- Fixed rendering 16bit [glynnc, zhek]
- Port for PSP [zhek]
- Fixed full screen and 320 × 240 (standard resolution) [zhek]
- Editor: All the major elements of GUI created [fdelapena]

Installation Instructions EasyRPG (Dingux)

1. Copy the directory "easyrpg" and all its contents to your card miniSD ;

2. Copy the entire contents of the RTPS original RPG Maker, which were previously installed on your computer, to the respective folders: easyrpg/rtp/2000 for RTP and the RPGM2k easyrpg/rtp/2003 RPGM2k3 for the RTP. The structure should look like this:easyrpg/rtp/2000/Backdrop , easyrpg/rtp/2000/Battle , etc ...;

Installation Instructions for Each Game (Dingux)

1. Copy the game folder to be tested for the root folder easyrpg , getting easyrpg / jogoteste ;

2. Copy the executable dingoo ( easyrpg.dge ) to the game directory (the same where the file RPG_RT.exe ) and create a link to it on your favorite launcher, gmenu2x in my case. To make it easier, the file easyrpg.dge can be renamed to the name of the game in question.

For correct display of special characters in some languages, you must edit the file RPG_RT.ini,adding a new tag:

Encoding = codepage

For games in Portuguese, replace "codepage" by 1252 , for example, and save the file.

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