PSP Beatbox V1.1: Signed for Official Firmware

Homebrew developer Babkock has dropped by our forums to release his latest project, Beatbox, a simple music app that "emits various drum sounds every time you press a button."

Key Features:

Four-key mode ensures that the same sound is played on each side of the screen - so cross and down play the same sound, circle and left play the same sound, etc.
Color schemes let you customize your grid o' squares. There are six preset color schemes: original, warm colors, cool colors, all black, all white, and steel, my personal favorite. You can edit the individual colors manually, too.
GPL-friendliness allows you to modify this program and redistribute it as you wish. I could always use some help :)

Developer's note:
Beatbox is a simple music program that emits various drum sounds every time you press a button. There are four sound sets: rock and roll drums, hip hop drums, bongo drums, and tones. Beatbox is fun to jam along freely, or to play along with your favorite songs using the Music PRX.

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