PS3 Multiman V1.16.03: NTFS Support for External USB HDD

* NTFS support for external USB HDD
(START+/\ to switch to NTFS driver)
* USB.CFG configuration file edit required:
0xVNID:0xPRID:V (vendor ID, product ID,
V=number of volumes)
* Only copy from NTFS is supported - nothing more, nothing less
* Folder/File copy in FileManager from NTFS
* Merging split files while copying from NTFS
is not supported (only 1:1 copy)
* Altered display modes 1, 2, 3 and 4 (small device icon in lower right corner)
* Fixed 99% progress bar freeze
* Fixed "not enough space on destination
drive" in rare cases
* New cache convention
* Added support for 3.56 spoof * Probably a lot of other things...

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