New Trojan For Mac OS X and PC

Security analysts at Sophos report that a new "backdoor Trojan" has been written by hackers that specifically takes aim at Apple's Mac OS X operating system. According to Chester Wisniewski of Naked Security - the popular IT security blog - the trojan in question makes remote operations and password "phishing" relatively simple.

As even the malware itself admits, it is not yet finished, but it could be indicative of more underground programmers taking note of Apple's increasing market share.
SophosLabs says the trojan is a "variant" of a longstanding Remote Access Trojan (RAT) for Windows known as "darkComet." In this particular instance, however, the individual behind the Trojan refers to it as the "BlackHole RAT." For now, Sophos is calling it OSX/MusMinim-A, or "MusMinim." It reportedly includes both German and English in the user interface.

Sophos says that the potentially nefarious functions served by MusMinim include placing text files on one's desktop, delivering operation commands like restart or shutdown, running arbitrary shell commands, displaying fraudulent "Administrator Password" windows for phishing purposes, displaying a full screen window that forces reboot for closure, and more.

While this instance certainly doesn't mark the first known trojan written for Macs, it also won't mark the last - especially since Apple continues to capture a larger and perpetually-increasing chunk of the PC market. For more info, check out what the folks at
have to say about OSX/MusMinim-A.

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