Dingoo Aothello for Native

This news comes from our fellow comrades-in Dingoo Mania , highest on the islands of Howl ye in France. Aoyama launched for the system's native Dingoo, the port of the game Aothello . The game, originally ported to the South Korean island GP32 is based on the classic board game Reversi (or Othello). The goal is to surround the opponent's pieces from one side to the other and turn them to your color. The game ends when you complete the 64 squares of the board or when you can no longer turn the pieces of their color.

Below are the game controls:

Directional Pad - Move cursor
A - Move the pieces
Select - Return to Menu / Exit game

The player can choose to play with another player at the same Dingoo, or play against the computer. In this option there are three difficulty levels, where level number 1 the easiest and level number 3 the most difficult.

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