PS3 FBANext R423 Custom V3

Big reduction in lag – also a far more stable FPS as a result of this (due to elimination of virtual function call overhead when a class would inherit from a base class with virtual functions). You will notice the biggest improvements with fighting games for CPS2/CPS3 – but overall all games should benefit from this.
A new shader – tv-highcontrast-HD. This basically mimics the look of a high-end CRT monitor. Set ‘Hardware Filter’ to Linear and select a resolution lower than or equal to 1440×1080 to get the best results (if you have triple buffering on – else it’s 960×1080 or lower for best results)
Fixed: A hang/freeze would occur after selecting a shader and then changing the resolution.
Fixed: You can now go back and forwards in the list when selecting a shader – press Left to go back one entry in the shader list, and press Right to go forward.

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